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Web Agents hang others
~Kim Frofreeflar 01/02/2004 04:47 PM
Domino Server 6.0.2 CF2 Windows 2000

A long processing Web agent hangs others. We heavily use Web agents and have found that if we run an agent that take quite long time any other request that triggers a web agent is delayed until the first agent (the long one) running ends.
We have been able to duplicate the problem, that appears to be the Server dedicates all its resources (to run web agent) to end up the long time running agent.
We created a Web Agent that gets into a loop and for in each iteration it is sleeped for 2 seconds. We trigger the sleeping agent and for the first 20 iterations the server runs ok (it does not hang) but when it is around the iteration 30 or so any request that trigger web agent is delayed until the sleeping agent is finalized. However, meanwhile the sleeping agent is running the server does response any HTTP request as long as it does not trigger any web agent.

We appreciate anyone who can help us on this..


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